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      The wide use and development prospect of TPU materialsource:Ningbo Kingsui Rubber Plastic Co.,ltd   2017-04-13

      1. Development prospect of TPU

      TPU is mainly used in inflatable, health/medical products, vacuum molding, tape, soft pad foaming, belt, protective layer, liner, etc.

      At present, China mainly produces low-end TPU, so the development potential of high-end market in China is huge. TPU has a great application prospect in many fields. TPU is mainly used in melt spinning spandex, shoe material industry, synthetic leather, film industry, hose and cable industry, foot wheel industry, adhesive industry, etc. But at the same time, in many areas are facing a powerful alternative to the problem of competition, only continuous innovation investment, TPU manufacturers in the country increased TPU depth research and development, reduce the production cost, can obtain the persistent development, and TPU products applied in more fields.

      2. TPU is widely used in the following areas:

      Footwear: TPU in footwear production has a wide range of USES, mainly used for shoe materials and shoe accessories, such as signs, shoe buckle, decoration and outer layer and a transparent upper sole, rubber, thermoplastic polyolefin and other materials can be substituted.

      Hose: TPU hose is widely used in gas transmission and oil hose for aircraft, tanks, automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, etc. The pipe material produced by TPU has the advantages of good flexibility, stable dimension, good transparency, good chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, no pollution, good pressure resistance and so on.

      Melt spun polyurethane: the melt spinning spandex produced by fiber grade TPU has the characteristics of elasticity, easy downstream processing, no pollution, long storage period, chemical resistance and hydrolysis.

      Automobile: mainly used for exterior parts, fenders, main side parts, coupling, insurance rod, shaft lining, liner, sealing ring, wing nut, instrument cover and pipeline bushing, etc.

      Cable sheath: must be able to protect insulation from the effects of climate, environment, hydrolysis and other physical damage. TPU can meet the demanding requirements of the field, with excellent low temperature flexibility, resistance, moisture resistance and antibacterial properties.

      Thin film and sheet material: the film and sheet material produced by TPU has excellent low temperature flexibility, abrasion resistance, good resistance to abrasion, good transparency and easy to color. The main applications include lifeboat, life jacket, raincoat, conveyor belt, folding storage tank, etc.

      Adhesive: now is widely used in the surface of nylon, polyester and PU fabric and leather processing, chemical resistance, uv resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good low temperature flexibility and good performance characteristics such as high elongation and bending fatigue.

      Varnish and ink: TPU adhesive can be mixed with paint and solvent to make varnish and ink. Varnish and ink can be sprayed or printed on different substrate, mainly used in sports shoes, handbags, umbrellas, upholstery, toys, etc.

      Solution coating: TPU can be directly coated or transferred. The fabric is coated with PVC or foam polyurethane and then coated with TPU solution to make high performance products, instead of leather used in upholstery, handbag, luggage and other products.

      Antistatic and conductive materials: studies show that the failure of the electrical components of 25% to 75% of electrical components is related to the accumulation of static electricity. Thermoplastic alloys can be permanently antistatic and free of electrostatic hazard and pollution.


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