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      The global TPU film market will grow at a compound annual ratesource:Ningbo Kingsui Rubber Plastic Co.,ltd   2017-04-13

      Transparency market research (TMR) in a recent report pointed out that the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) thin film markets around the world in a small number of large and mature in TPU film brand dominate, and dominant in the high level of competition.Due to capital intensive production process, the market has been able to make new entrants into the gulf, is expected in the next few years will remain the same.

      Transparency market research estimates that, during 2016 to 2024, TPU film market of the world's average annual compound growth rate will reach 6.8%, expected value of 28.68 billion yuan from 2015 to 2024, 51.69 billion yuan.Including polyester TPU field in 2015 the biggest global TPU film market, the biggest share of the income and the value of the global market.Poly (caprolactone TPU plate is expected to be expanding at the rate of the most promising average annual compound growth rate of about 7%.From the geographical point of view, due to the high demand, mature auto industry TPU market in Europe is the world's market income of the main contributors.Market is the most rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region, because the area is the growth of the car production is very promising.

      India, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa's emerging economies such as the production and consumption growth is one of the key factors, these factors are expected to improve overall intake of TPU film in the coming years.The country's gross domestic product has risen steadily, encouraged the growth of production units, multiple industries because of government regulations to encourage and the strong demand for the domestic market products, expected over time tend to be strong.For important consumer TPU film, automobile industry and the trend is expected to is correct.Aimed at reducing overall vehicle weight to make it more energy efficient and have better performance for a long time, the implementation of a large number of moves make automotive commercial suitable substitutes (such as TPU film) to replace metal parts.Although TPU film has been in auto parts such as seat padding and indoor door plank is widely used, but due to the increase of the availability of alternatives, expects its overall availability will be impeded.


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